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Last Updated on May 15, 2024

It is becoming extremely expensive year on year to run an Australian household and now we all have to keep an eye on the bills in an attempt to keep them lower. The good news, however, is that you can make small changes around your home. It won’t take much effort on your part to reduce your expenditure around your house if you start simple things like turning off lights as you move from room to room to investing in some cheap technology like LEDs. It will take some lifestyle adjustments on your part and it’s possible to start cutting costs within your property today.

One of the first things that you should do is invest in bagless vacuum cleaners because having to replace the bags in older vacuum cleaners can be very expensive and much like when you buy a cheap air filter for the inside of your home, the filter afterward is so expensive. This is just one way to start saving yourself money immediately and the following are some others.

1. Start growing your own herbs – Buying fresh herbs from your local store is becoming incredibly expensive nowadays and this can be addressed by putting a simple herb garden on the outside or inside of your window of your home. It doesn’t take too much care and attention on your part and as long as you remember to put some water in them every time you go to the sink then you will have fresh herbs for a long time.

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2. Stop buying bottled water – We need to get over this common misconception that bottled water is healthier for us and sometimes the opposite is in fact true. The water that you get from your house is perfectly acceptable but if you’re still a little worried then why not spend a little bit of money to buy yourself a water jug with a built-in filter? This means that you can pour from the jug any time that you want to get fresh clean water.

3. Buy a flask – The reason for the flask is so that you can prepare your own coffee first thing in the morning before you head off to the office. You may think that it’s an insignificant amount of money spending a few dollars each morning to get yourself a cappuccino but over the course of a month and then a year, this amounts to a significant amount of money lost.

4. Make sure that your freezer is full – Your freezer uses far too much electricity if it is empty and so start using it a lot more. If it isn’t filled up with food then a good solution is to put some crumbled-up old newspapers in there to take up the extra space. This means that the motor in your freezer will not have to work as hard and you will see the results in your next electricity bill.

5. Make sure that your dishwasher is full – The same rule applies as it does to your fridge freezer and so don’t put on a wash load if your dishwasher isn’t full to the brim. If you need a cup or saucer or plate quickly then take it out of the dishwasher and do it by hand at the kitchen sink like you used to do before you got this excellent machine.

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6. Use the cold water cycle – If your clothes are not very dirty then it makes sense to use the cold water cycle for your washing machine instead of the hot one. Unless there is a serious stain on it that needs to be removed like coffee or tomato sauce then a cold wash will be sufficient to get your clothes clean.

These are some excellent tips that if you put into place today, will save you an incredible amount of money and time over the course of any year. You need to start making better decisions today so that you have more money in your wallet or purse at the end of any given week. As you can see, it doesn’t require you to make any big life-changing decisions to save money around your home.



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