take-off light DIY

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The lampshade is made of two sheets of paper with a very fine pattern of laser stiches which

can be enlarged at will. So it is possible to determine where the light passes through the lamp-

shade. This leads to an endless variety of light/shade structures and patterns.

The metal frame is to be stuck to one piece, the paper sheets are fixed by magnets.

Additional you will get an instruction sheet with patterns to copy or simply get inspired.

You can also order an already finished pattern (look at take-off light finished pattern at our mainsite)!

size: 270mm wide, 243mm high


frame made out of steel 1mm, powder coated grey.

+ lampshade made out of two perforated sheets of paper, grey

+ 2 extra sheet of perforated paper for one more lampshade!

+ self-adhesive magnets

+ lamp socket and cable