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Last Updated on June 30, 2023

Texas is one of those states where owning a home is not reserved for the upper-class elite. Unlike states like California or Oregon, you don’t need to spend close to half a million dollars for a normal home. It is possible for Texans to find homes from price points as low as $175,000. 

As a result, we are seeing many people from expensive states deciding to move to Texas for the affordable life it provides. It seems inevitable that when people decide to build or modify their homes here, the cost-effectiveness of upgrades and modifications is too tempting to pass up. 

One such feature that can be easily constructed is a ‘Pergola.’ What on earth is a pergola, you ask? Well, we will soon answer that question and look at three ways they can magically transform your home. So, put on your reading glasses, and let’s get right to it!

What is a Pergola?

The name does seem a bit unfamiliar, but you have most definitely seen them at some point. A pergola refers to those beautiful outdoor, open-air structures that offer a partially shaded area. 

According to Americraft Siding and Windows, pergolas can be built with wood, steel, fiberglass, and a number of other versatile materials. These fancy structures are surprisingly simple and made out of vertical posts and crossbeams. 

The roof is usually slatted, with space for lovely vines to weave in and out of. If you get your pergola set up just right, it has the power to transform your backyard into something straight out of a Mediterranean palace garden. 

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The pergola can be first traced back to 17th-century Italy. However, it is likely to have been a garden feature even earlier than that. 

Today, pergolas are used by homeowners all across the world. There are several unique ways to incorporate them into your home. 

Create a Focal Point In Your Backyard

Like most great garden architectural features, pergolas excel at drawing the eye. This makes them a perfect feature for people who love that extra attention. It’s no surprise, then, that you do see quite a lot of pergolas in Austin and other Texan cities. It’s a city that’s not afraid to embrace unique and unconventional elements. 

When positioned strategically, your pergola can become the centerpiece that you can then use to plan out the rest of your space. From wire lights to extra-long sunshades, you can customize the look to match the vision you have in mind. 

Remember, just because pergolas are eye-catching, it doesn’t mean they are one-dimensional features. You can tone down your pergola to not be so striking if you are searching for a more muted look. 

Make Wonderful Barbecue and Outdoor Venues

Some cities in Texas are truly beautiful. Corpus Christi is one example, which is known for its great weather and gorgeous Bay area. Building pergolas in Corpus Christi is an idea that would match well with the city’s classic, Spanish-influenced buildings. 

You are sure to impress your neighbors when you invite them over for a Sunday barbecue. Be warned, though. You are probably going to get complimented more on your pergola than the brisket you spent hours on.

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The best part about pergolas is that they aren’t just for eye candy. You can arrange some furniture under and around it for a lovely shaded dining spot. For some reason, it feels like conversations flow naturally when under a pergola.

Build a Cozy Corner to Enjoy Sunsets

Texas is known for being one of the friendlier states. Most people are always ready to strike up a conversation. Understandably, things can be a bit intense for all the introverts who live or move into the state. 

At times, all you want to do is just enjoy your own company or that of close friends. If that’s the case, pergolas can be just what you are looking for. You can have them built in a cozy, out-of-the-way spot. Next, bring out a table fan and your favorite book, and enjoy a great evening without having to smile through conversations about how your neighbor’s kid is doing at soccer practice. 

If you happen to live in San Antonio, you would know that the sunsets can be particularly beautiful. There are few things as cool as snuggling up by yourself under a pergola on a breezy evening. Watching the sunset with a glass of wine and a good book can be a heavenly experience. Most pergola builders in San Antonio should be able to make this image a reality for you. 

Make Your Space Unique with a Pergola

Pergolas make fantastic additions to your home if you are looking for that extra bit of uniqueness. We honestly believe that they are greatly underrated, considering how they can transform the entire vibe of a home. 

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With a pergola, you no longer have a cookie-cutter, suburban home. Instead, you have this magical spot that manages to fit perfectly into many settings. Whether it be a Sunday get-together or for your own relaxing evening, investing in a pergola is not something you will regret. 

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