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Last Updated on November 14, 2023

Even more than kitchens, bathrooms are the most popular space for remodelling among homeowners. Since bathrooms are smaller than kitchens, the task may be completed more quickly. Additionally, this smaller space results in lower costs because there is less carpeting, paint, and countertop.

Use the advice in this article to make your bathroom remodel more appealing while ensuring that everything goes smoothly, quickly, and affordably.

bathroom remodel

1. Create a Budget

You are investing in both your property and yourself when you have the chance to remodel your house in the exact manner you desire. Remodelling your home or bathroom can get expensive if you allow it, and without a firm spending plan, expenses may skyrocket.

The answer is to do some research on local custom building expenses, create a reasonable budget, and then make an effort to stay within it. 

2. Address Bathroom Ventilation

By law, every bathroom must have some form of ventilation, whether it be an appropriately sized window or a bathroom exhaust fan.

When evaluating bathroom fans, consider both their noise levels and their exhaust capacity (or how many cubic feet of air they can move each minute). Even a moderately noisy bathroom fan may be too loud in restrooms due to its compact size.

3. Add Plants for Living Color

Bathroom plants shouldn’t be an afterthought. The much-needed colour that restrooms lack is provided by plants.

Think about incorporating a floating shelf just to serve as a warm home for your trailing plants.

4.  Decide whether you want a bathtub

Fitting it into your bathroom redesign will be a major yes if you’re the type of person who fully appreciates the complete tranquilly a bath can offer. The greatest place for a luxury bathtub is in the master bathroom, where you can relax alone and away from other household activities.

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bathroom redesign

5. Wake Up Your Walls

A high-end, personalised design can be achieved in your bathroom with patterned wallpaper or tile, and it doesn’t have to cover every wall to have a noticeable effect. 

6. Go Big With Tile

Large shower tiles look wonderful in all bathrooms, even very small bathrooms, despite what would seem entirely contradictory, claims experts. “They amplify the room’s appearance. Avoid using competing grout colours, and for the best appearance, maintain grout lines as thin as possible, ideally 1/16”. Choose tile spacers that are 1/16″ to obtain those fine grout lines.

7. Make a Strategic Vanity Swap

You’ll need to incorporate plenty of space to hide beauty products and other miscellaneous items if you want to maintain your newly renovated space looking as wonderful as it did the day you finished the job. Look for a vanity that has drawers and cabinets. You could even pick one that has a central bank of U-shaped drawers that can fit around the plumbing without taking up important room.

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