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Last Updated on April 1, 2024

If you’re looking for design inspiration for your bathroom, it’s best to start with a theme. Choosing a theme will help your design and decoration decisions SO much easier. And while you probably like 2-3 themes, bathroom design experts recommend sticking to one.

A Rubber Ducky Bathroom Theme?

It may sound quirky, but plenty of people rock stylish rubber ducky bathrooms. Don’t get us wrong, it might not be the best choice for your primary guest bathroom or the master bath.

But it’s the perfect theme for your child’s bathroom or a fun guest bathroom. Yellow rubber ducky decor makes your bathroom look homey and adorable.

And the best part is that rubber duck decor works for all aspects of your bathroom: your towels, your furniture, your bathroom cabinets, your shower curtain, your lighting, and more!

Thankfully, there are a lot of options when it comes to rubber duck bathroom decor. Keep reading for a list of our absolute favorite accessories.

Awesome Rubber Duck Shower Curtains

1. Ambesonne Cartoon Shower Curtain

Ambesonne Cartoon Shower Curtain

When decorating a bathroom, start by picking a shower curtain and match everything else to that. The Ambesonne Cartoon Shower Curtain is a good place to start. It comes in yellow and aqua and features bright rubber ducks surrounded by bubbles. This cheery pattern can make any bathroom come to life.

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03/11/2024 06:52 am GMT

2. iDesign Rubber Ducks Shower Curtain

iDesign Rubber Ducks Shower Curtain

This whimsical rubber ducky shower curtain isn’t too childish and might be the perfect fit for that quirky guest bathroom. It’s eco-friendly, made with odorless, PVC-free, 100% waterproof PEVA material. It cleans really easily with just a damp cloth and a little bit of soap. The rust-free metal rings hold up great as well.

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03/11/2024 06:57 am GMT

3. Jagfhhs Save Ducky Shower Curtain

Jagfhhs Save Ducky Custom Shower Curtain

This artsy shower curtain features a rubber duck on the verge of being eaten by a great white shark – what else could you possibly want for your bathroom? The material is 100% polyester giving it a soft, satin feel. However, comes with standard white plastic shower curtain hooks, so if you want something a little more heavy duty you should consider buying metal hooks.

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Great Rubber Duck Bath Mats

5. Yellow Rubber Duckies Bath Mat

Yellow Rubber Duckies Bath Mat

When you step out of the shower, your foot should be met with something soft and comfy. A rubber duck bath mat is the perfect solution.This bath mat is absorbent, meaning that you do not have to worry about water pooling on your bathroom floor. It dries quickly so it is always ready for its next use.

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6. NGFF Blue Water Bath Mat

NGFF Blue Water Bath Mat

This simple bath mat is a great fit for any bathroom with a blue accent color. It could even be a great touch in a bathroom not going for the rubber duck theme. It’s incredibly soft and cushions those feet for long periods of time – if you’re the type that takes their time getting ready in the morning.

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7. NiYoung 3-Piece Memory Foam Mat Set

NiYoung 3-Piece Memory Foam Mat Set

Did you say memory foam?

Give your tired feet what they deserve with this three piece bath mat set – including the toilet seat cover. These mats are crafted from ultra soft polyester and filled with memory foam. Not to mention their machine washable for a quick and easy clean.

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Rubber Duck Themed Bath Towels

8. Rubber Duck Bathroom Hand Towels

Rubber Duck Bathroom Hand Towels
$18.99 ($9.50 / Count)

These Rubber Duck Hand Towels are perfect for either the bathroom or the kitchen. They are made from coral fleece fabric, which makes them quick to dry. They are also absorbent and soft.

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Miscellaneous Rubber Duck Bathroom Accessories

10. Rubber Duck Patent Print

Rubber Duck Patent Print

In order to fully embrace a rubber duck theme, you will need some attractive wall art. Go for a classy and chic vibe with this rubber duck patent print. This print shows the sketches of the original rubber duck patent, from back when it was registered in 1947. The sketch is done in black lines and will fit in nicely with the rest of your theme.

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11. Rubber Duck Neon Signs

Elevate your bathroom’s ambiance with this charming rubber duck neon sign! The lighting effect of this neon sign is soft and warm, creating the perfect blend of nostalgia and modern decor.

The sign is energy efficient, easy to hang up and comes with a free wall screw kit.

12. AceList LED String Lights

AceList LED String Lights

Are you looking to add a little ambiance to your bathroom? These string lights offer a soft glow without breaking your theme. Imagine ten yellow ducks showering light into your bathroom! Hung on 4.9 feet of silver-plated copper wire, these string lights are safe and easy to hang. The LED bulbs are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, so you can leave them on all night. Just keep them away from dampness since they are not waterproof.

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13. SignMission Rubber Duck Wall Clock

SignMission Rubber Duck Wall Clock
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14. Duck Gift Soap

Duck Gift Soap
$22.85 ($0.90 / Ounce)

What is the one thing that you absolutely need in every bathroom? Soap! This Duck Gift Soap is cute and usable at the sink or in the tub. A pretty butter yellow, these soaps are shaped to look like baby ducks. They have a slight fragrance and leave you smelling fresh after use. This soap is high in glycerin, so it will make your skin soft to the touch.

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15. 123Arts Ceramics Duck Soap Dispenser – $16

123Arts Ceramics Duck Soap Dispenser

But what if soap bars are not right for you? If you prefer liquid soap, consider purchasing this Ceramic Duck Soap Dispenser. At an affordable price, you can get a 9 oz duck-shaped yellow ceramic dispenser. It can be used for soap, lotion, essential oils, or anything else you can think of.

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16. Rubber Duck Light Switch Plate

Rubber Duck Light Switch Plate

For a likable and easy way to accent your duck theme, consider purchasing a cute duck light switch plate. This plate fits onto your light switches and helps set the tone for your bathroom. This plate is double switched which makes it perfect for a bathroom where you are likely to have a light switch and a fan switch.

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Rubber Duck Bathroom Decor Ideas

Not sure where to start? We pulled together some inspiration for you:

rubber duck bathroom

Image via Pinterest

blue bathroom with duck decorations

Image via Pinterest

white bathroom with rubber duck accessories

Image via Pinterest

duck bathroom with red cabinets

Image via Blogspot

rubber ducky bathroom

Image via Formation

rubber ducky counter decor

Image via

Stay on Theme with Stylish Duck Accessories

If you want to create a cute and homey vibe for your bathroom, rubber ducks are the solution. Whether you want to go all in on shower curtains, towels, and bathroom lighting – or just add one rubber duck accessory – we hope this round up is helpful.

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Use this list as your guide to all of the best rubber duck bathroom decor accessories to make your bathroom awesome!

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