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Last Updated on December 13, 2022

Bathroom remodeling often takes a toll on homeowners due to the frustrations that come with the high renovation costs and unmet schedules. While it may seem out of reach, a cost-effective yet attractive bathroom renovation is attainable despite the popular belief that everything must be ripped apart and replaced with a five-figure worth of new bathroom fittings.

If you want to sell a home fast, you need to think out of the box and fix major flaws that could put off the buyer. However, by utilizing lean and low-cost bathroom remodeling alternatives, you can have a clean and functional bathroom which will fetch you more money than selling a house in Missouri. Follow the tips outlined below to do an affordable and stylish bathroom makeover:

1. Paint the Walls

A new coat of bathroom paint is an excellent yet inexpensive upgrade. You’ll need mildew and mold-proof primers for the bathroom walls and ceiling. While more expensive than basic paint formulas, they offer extra protection against undesirable moisture in your bathroom. Also, cover dingy surfaces such as window trim, scuffed cabinetry, and baseboard molding.

You can accomplish interior painting even if you are the least skilled beginner. However, to overhaul the whole house painting, you’ll need to hire a seasoned painter. Considering that most bathroom wall space is taken up by tiles, cabinets, mirrors and bathtubs, there will be little painting for you to do.

Consider performing an update on timeworn fixtures using paint. Add extra privacy to your bathroom windows by using a frosted-glass-effect spray, or even give a dated vanity a fresh look by painting the base. You can also update the floors with paint. For instance, you can stencil patterns on vinyl floors by roughing up the surface and then sealing it once you’re done.

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2. Replace Old Hardware

The bathroom is endowed with bathroom hardware, including towel bars, cabinet knobs, sink faucets, and toilet flush handles. Consider setting apart a budget to upgrade these items. With this new hardware, you can easily achieve showroom quality sparkle in the bath. You can also upgrade metallic fixtures’ feel, look, and functionality by replacing old hardware pieces with more stylish ones that embolden your personality. Similarly, incorporating jewelry outfits can elevate your ordinary bathroom space into something unique.

3. Create a Gallery Wall

Consider creating your own prints or artwork gallery wall. This approach is budget-friendly and allows you to bring character and personality into the bathroom space without spending a fortune. Consistently stick to a color theme or even branch out regularly to find vibrant new pieces to update your bathroom vibe. However, if a gallery wall doesn’t work for you, go for a large print, which will bring in a similar effect.


Attaining a refreshing bathroom vibe doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend lavishly. The bathroom renovation tips elaborated herein are affordable and easy to accomplish. From swapping outdated hardware to creating a personalized gallery wall, these changes make it feasible to update your bathroom on a tight budget. Put these tips into use, and you’ll no doubt end up with a bathroom that truly makes you feel at home.

Brooks Manley

Brooks Manley

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