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Last Updated on August 25, 2023

Toilet shopping can be overwhelming! There’s a wide range of options. Knowing the types and picking the best for your bathroom is key. From traditional gravity flush to modern dual-flush models, each type has its own advantages.

Before purchase, consider several factors:

  1. Space: Round bowls are good for small rooms, while elongated bowls are more comfy but need more room.
  2. Height: Standard or comfort height? Comfort height is taller, making it easier for people with mobility issues.
  3. Flushing mechanism: Gravity flush relies on water and gravity. Pressure-assisted toilets use air pressure – great for households with frequent use. Dual-flush toilets offer two flush options – liquid and solid waste – for water conservation.
  4. Other features to look out for include ease of cleaning, noise level, and materials used.

Fun Fact: Ancient civilizations had smart ways of dealing with human waste! The Indus Valley Civilization in 2600 BCE had bathrooms connected to drains with terracotta pipes!

Different Types of Toilets

Toilet selection is key for any bathroom design. It’s important to know the types of toilets available to make a great decision. Let’s look at the most popular options:

Type Description
1. Two-piece toilet The most common – a bowl and tank. Easy to install and maintain.
2. One-piece toilet A modern choice with a seamless design. Cleaning is simpler too!
3. Wall-mounted toilet A great option for small bathrooms or trendy looks. They are directly fixed on the wall.

You can add extra comfort and convenience to your bathroom too. Consider these options:

  • Comfort height toilets: Taller profile, great for those with mobility issues or tall people.
  • Dual-flush toilets: Two flushing options and water conservation.
  • Bidet toilets: Advanced hygiene features like washing and drying.
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Pro Tip: When selecting your best toilet, consider space, preferences, and bathroom aesthetics. Get help from a professional if you need installation or specific requirements.

Make a perfect toilet choice that blends comfort, functionality, and style for your bathroom space.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Toilet

Be sure to select a toilet that fits in your bathroom space! Check the flush performance, to avoid clogs and save water. A round or elongated bowl? Comfort or standard height? It’s up to you! For water conservation, choose a low-flow technology toilet. Think about your budget – there are options for all price points! Plus, some toilets offer extra features such as bidet functionality, soft close seats, and dual-flush options. A study by Consumer Reports found that the average lifespan of a toilet is 50 years!

Steps to Choose the Best Toilet for Your Bathroom

Want to get the perfect toilet for your bathroom? Take these steps to make sure you choose wisely!

  1. Measure the space and set a budget.
  2. Then, think about style and design that fits with your aesthetic.
  3. Look into flushing systems too.
  4. Research reliable brands for quality craftsmanship.
  5. Lastly, consider water-saving features, ease of cleaning, and special functionalities like bidet attachments.

With this info, you’ll be ready to pick the best loo! Don’t delay – start researching now!


Exploring the different toilet options has been a journey. Now, you are knowledgeable about the types and their functions. Each one has distinct features and benefits.

  • Gravity flush toilets are reliable and need little upkeep, making them popular.
  • Pressure-assisted ones flush powerfully with a water burst, ensuring cleanliness.
  • Lesser-known options may be of interest. Dual-flush toilets offer two flush options for liquid and solid waste, saving water and money.
  • Wall-mounted toilets have a modern look and save space in smaller bathrooms – stylish and functional.
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Maintenance is very important to ensure your toilet works well. Cleaning and proper care are essential. If you need help, consult a professional plumber. They can provide tailored advice for your needs and layout.

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