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Last Updated on November 9, 2023

Your bedroom should be your oasis, and the right rug can add extra warmth, comfort, and style. Selecting that right to go beneath your bed (whether twin, king, or queen bed) can feel daunting, especially if you are shopping online.

Which is why we’re sharing with you two must-know tips to make the process easier.  

Before you jump into the tips, grab a few supplies that will make the process easier and more effective. You will need:

  • A tape measure
  • Something to help you visualize the space (painter’s tape works for hardwood, use yarn for carpet)

It is important that you know the overall size of your bedroom. If your apartment bedroom is 12’ by 12’, you are probably not going to want a rug that eats up that entire space. Grab that tape measure and get an estimate of your room size. If you do not have a tape measure, you can walk off the space to get the estimate or turn your cell phone into a measurement device with an app like Measure or the ARCore Ruler.

Not sure what type of rug to go with? Check out some of these top sellers.

What Sized Rug Do You Need for Your Bed?

The general rule for choosing the best-size rug for a bed is that the rug should extend at least 18” beyond the long sides of the bed.

But this is just a general rule. You should take more into consideration to make sure you get your style right.

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Consider Your Bedroom Furniture

When you look at your bed, ask yourself some other questions that will impact your rug size selection:

  • What is the total size of my bed? Some headboards and footboards add significant size, so be sure to get the outside measurements.
  • What type of feet are on my bed frame? Maybe you are choosing a rug because you need it more for function than form. Adding a rug mat under your rugs can help protect delicate carpeting or sensitive hardwoods from the pressure of bedframe feet.
  • What clearance do I have from the base of the frame to the floor? If you have a bed with storage, this could significantly impact your rug selection. If there are rollers that need to move, take this into account, and measure the clearance you have from the floor to the base of the storage.

Even though you are choosing a rug specifically for your bed, you still need to consider the other furniture in the room.

If you have nightstands, you can choose to get a rug that will also fit under those, or you might want a rug only partially under your bed. Furniture at the foot of the bed also impacts your rug selection. You can run a rug under the middle of the bed and leave the ends without when the furniture acts as an extension of the bed, especially if your space is small.

Pick Your Rug Size

Keep in mind the rule for placing a rug under your bed — that it should extend at least 18 inches. There is a big difference, though, between a small rug that does just barely that or a larger rug that is a foundation for more than your bed.

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Small Rugs

Small rugs, measuring approximately 5’ by 7’ or 8’ can add form and function to your space under the bed. If you have a queen sized bed with small features, these could work great, but might be a touch too small for a king.

Place the rug toward the bottom two-thirds of your bed, allowing your end tables to remain off the rug. Roll out of bed in the morning and still have that cozy rug beneath your feet.

Medium Rugs

If you have a little extra space or want to have your bedframe completely on the rug, a medium-sized rug is the way to go.

Rugs that are approximately 8’ by 10’ will cover all of the space under your queen sized bed and give extra space on three sides. For a king, they might not quite fully cover your space and allow for those 18″.

Align the top of the rug (the longer side) with the top of your bedframe.

Larger Rugs

For spacious bedrooms or king sized beds, you should choose a larger rug.

Select one 9’ by 12’ or larger and let the rug give your bed a foundation in the room. You will have ample room on all three sides from which it extends – unless you’re rocking that California king.

Place Your Rug Confidently

Knowing the size of rug you need is the starting point for creating your peaceful oasis.

Once you determine the best size for your space, go ahead and explore options for piling, materials, colors, and designs. You can even layer rugs — use a low pile rug as the main covering under the bed and then add a smaller, fun, and plush décor rug on the side of the bed (just be sure that the smaller rug does not extend under the queen bed at all).

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A rug beneath your bed provides form and function. You’ll shop more confidently when you know the size of your room, your bed, and the best rug size options to fulfill your vision.

Now that you have your size chosen, make sure you nail the right style with some of these best sellers.

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