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Last Updated on February 19, 2024

Throughout history, rugs have played an important role in interior design; of course, in the modern day, they are more ornamental than in previous times. They used to be necessary for keeping warmth within a room – those that could afford large plush rugs would flaunt them in every room, whereas those that were less affluent would make their rugs from rags.

Of course, today, there is a vast array of rugs ranging from different sizes, colors, patterns, and shapes to choose from, so there is no reason why you would not want to showcase one in your home.

1. Add color and interest 

If you are the type of person that enjoys pastel shades either for their clean appearance or the ease of accessorizing, you will find that adding oriental rugs to your home’s décor can bring the hint of color that is lacking into your home. Of course, with the wide range of rugs that are available, it can also be used to provide interest as well as draw attention to your flooring choices.

2. Introduce a touch of luxury

Depending on what the rug is made of will determine the texture that it will bring to your home. Deep pile or fluffy, furry types can add a touch of luxury, but it is essential that you choose the settings for these rugs carefully. Some are most definitely suited to a bedroom or boudoir rather than a sitting room or hall. In saying that, you should make sure that you accessorize these areas as well. For instance, the placement of a large mirror next to a rug and positioned so that it is supported by the floor will reflect your rug as well as bounce light around the space that it inhabits.

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3. Provides a welcoming feature

Adding a rug to your entrance hall as well as in front of your fire can provide a welcoming touch. Although it will most certainly look smart in the summer, spring, and fall, there is nothing quite like the effect of a roaring fire and sumptuous rug to provide a warm, comforting glow to any living or drawing room. There are, indeed, different designs of rugs that will compliment the huge array of different fireplaces that you may have in your home, from the traditional classic designs right through to the modern minimalistic versions.

Purchase a Quality Rug

When purchasing a rug, you should consider where it is going to reside in your home, how much wear and tear it is likely to experience, as well as whether it is going to fit in well with your décor. Ultimately you should choose something that you like rather than what just fits the bill. If it isn’t what you want, it will cause annoyance and regret and end up being an expensive mistake. 

You should also measure the area that you would like the rug to go in before shopping for your rug. Although there are places you can buy online, you may want to visit a store so that you can touch and feel the rug before you purchase. Often these stores are large, so your sense of proportion could be askew, and you could end up purchasing a rug that is much too large for the area you intended it for. 

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Brooks Manley

Brooks Manley

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