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Last Updated on June 20, 2022

The mattress a person commits to buying becomes one of their most important investments as they are bound to it for a good decade and even more in some cases. Most people buy not more than 2 to 3 mattresses in their entire life. Therefore before buying a mattress, one must ask the right questions and make the wisest of choices. 

A mattress is where a human tends to spend more than 8 hours per day. Most people purchase a mattress online but before doing so, one must understand the nuances that go into buying the right mattress and the right mattress that serves the family that purchases it. 

Spending all that money on something expensive but does not quite suit one’s personal choices can be a wasteful resource. There are so many different kinds of mattresses on the market now and there is surely one for every single person. 

Common Types of Mattresses

There are many different kinds of mattresses in the year 2022, one that suits all kinds of consumers – the conscious consumer, the budget consumer, the premium consumer, the aesthetic loving consumer and the plush loving consumer. For every kind of sleeper, there is a mattress, for every kind of support there is a mattress and there are so many options to go on and on about. 

Below are some of the most advanced kinds of mattresses that are on the market today:

Memory Foam 

The most common kind of mattresses in the year 2020, memory foam mattresses are made from soft memory foam with dense heavy foam at the bottom that absorbs the shock and provides support. The mattress has a luxurious feel and can feel like sleeping in a posh hotel bed. 

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Spring Mattress

The traditional spring mattress is something that never goes out of style – it is best suited for those who have back pains and need proper support throughout their back. This kind of mattress is now supported with an extra soft cushion top to eliminate the hard feeling while still providing the right support.

Hybrid Mattress

The right combination of the super plush memory foam and the supporting spring coil – Hybrid mattresses are great for those who are looking for a combination of both. They are also more durable and eliminate the cons of both types of mattresses.

Orthopedic Mattresses

More popular these days, they follow the same concept as that of the Hybrid mattress providing spring support for back pains and foam on the top to eliminate joint pains.

Sustainable Mattresses

One of the biggest trends in the western market, there is a shift in the preference of material that goes into the making of a mattress – more consumers are looking for sustainable options and some are looking at green options that eliminate the usage of wool. 

Mattresses made from latex, cotton, and coil are being used in the most sustainable format and for vegan-conscious customers in the west and are being popularised everywhere else as well. 

Buying Mattresses Online

There are many brands and trustworthy companies that sell mattress online as more and more people are willing to try their beds before they settle for them. Many companies are offering trial periods and refundable rates on their beds. Choosing perfect mattress online can help in meeting all the criterions that a consumer is looking for with a trial period offer. 

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