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Last Updated on January 16, 2023

The laundry room is one of those necessary spaces that is often overlooked. As one of the busiest places in the home, having a functional layout that’s organized and simple can make a huge difference. 

There are many solutions to making your dream laundry room based on usage and needs. Whether it’s a large, mid-sized, or small space, there are ways to use every inch efficiently. Keep reading to learn about some ideas for how to improve your laundry room.

Upgrade Your Appliances

It’s an obvious improvement for any room, but upgrading your washer and/or dryer is another easy way to improve your laundry room. Upgrading them can offer many benefits, including improved performance, reduced energy and water usage, increased convenience, and more. 

Newer appliances can also help you save money on your energy bill while helping the environment. Many of them have an ENERGY STAR® rating, meaning they’ve passed specific tests to prove they’re energy-efficient. These appliances are just one of many sustainable construction trends becoming more popular.

Add Storage

Adding storage options to a space is never a bad idea. For maximum organization, try to keep the containers similar in style and size and use easy-to-read labels. Baskets and bins are a focal point of any laundry space because that’s where all the loose items are kept, like clothespins, extra detergent, socks that don’t have matches, etc. 

Go a step further by having a missing item basket on a shelf next to the dryer to make it easier for everyone to search and find what they are looking for. Depending on how the room is organized, the baskets and bins can be multipurpose time savers. 

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Install a Sink & Drying Racks

How many times has someone had to soak something or handwash an item? Adding a sink to a laundry room serves many purposes. While the main purpose may be to soak or scrub items, it can also come in handy when cleaning up detergent if you need to wash your hands. 

Another easy and useful space to create is a drying rack. Everything can’t go in the dryer, and some items feel better when they air dry. And if you have a small load, why bother using the dryer? Foldable racks attached to the wall are convenient and save space when they aren’t in use. Wall-mounted racks are sold as one piece or can be self-made. 

Create Ironing & Folding Stations

Having a stationary space to iron can be a lifesaver for everyone. Ironing boards that are attached to the wall and a corner where clothing can be ironed and comfortably hung makes things a lot easier. The iron and other ironing supplies should be in the general vicinity for efficiency.

If there are side-by-side front-loading machines, adding a wood block or counter on top creates additional space to fold clothes. Like how some living room furniture has hidden storage, there are also furniture pieces that can be installed in the laundry room with folding spaces on top and storage underneath. The objective is to provide room to fold clothes, save time, and alleviate the burden of taking clothes from the laundry room to yet another space to fold clothes.

Update Your Lighting

The laundry room can be a well-lit area that provides everything needed to get things done. Adding attractive lights to the space brightens it while giving it a personal touch. Who says laundry rooms must be boring? Make sure there is adequate lighting in all the key areas. 

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Task lights under the cabinets and shelves, sconce lighting in the ironing area, and LED lights for overhead can make a tremendous difference. Stains won’t be able to sneak past you this way!

Consider Adding Decorations

A laundry room should be viewed as an extension of your home. If you’ve taken the time to decorate everywhere else, don’t forget to add some personality to the laundry room too. Use wallpaper or paint, add pictures, plants, hooks for hanging things up, rugs, and anything else to make it an enjoyable space whenever you are there. Depending on your space, curtains may be added for a more elegant look. 

Decorative shelves can personalize and create a welcoming space, plus giving easy access to what you need. There are shelves with pull-out baskets underneath, floating shelves that are attractive and can add to the décor, and utility shelves to hold items with extras. 

Love Your Laundry Room

Again, although the laundry room is often overlooked, it doesn’t have to be. All you have to do is look at everything currently used in the laundry room and evaluate the space. This provides an opportunity to see what’s needed and where, with some space left over for anything that will make you not mind the chore.

It’s no secret that laundry is a necessary part of our lives, so creating spaces that are organized and free of clutter can even make wash day an enjoyable activity to look forward to. 

Brooks Manley

Brooks Manley

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