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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

Every homeowner wants their guests to fall in love with their interior or exterior design. Yet, the decisions you make in the property will determine if your home is forgettable or remembered for the right or wrong reasons.

As plants can provide a natural finishing touch to rooms and outdoor spaces, it makes sense you will want to incorporate greenery to add drama, color, and character to your home. Don’t make a decision you will live to regret; instead, check out the following plants with the wow factor.


A cactus will grab attention and hold onto it. These distinct, hardy plants will add immediate texture and intrigue to your interior and exterior design, offering unusual shapes that might be spiky, rubbery, or glossy. Also, you could draw the eye by mixing and matching cacti in your garden, creating a unique outdoor space that is bound to stand out in your guests’ minds. 

For instance, you can create visual height by harmonizing tall euphorbia or columnar cacti with smaller prickly pear or agave. Choose from the many cacti for sale online to match your beautiful home and garden and blow your guests away. 

Olive Tree

Add a touch of Tuscan elegance to your home or garden by planting a stunning olive tree. It will add energy and texture to an interior or exterior design, and it is perfect for injecting personality and color into a lonely corner of the room. Also, you can choose from different sizes and options to suit your taste, such as multi-stem, Tuscan, or gnarled olive trees.

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The only downside of an olive tree is that you can only keep it inside the home for between eight and nine years. Yet, you can prolong its life by replanting the tree outside once it starts showing signs of deterioration.

Elephant Ears

Give your home or garden a touch of the tropics by incorporating elephant ear plants. This large plant has huge leaves that resemble, you guessed it, an elephant’s ear. The lime green, almost black, or dark purple leaves can reach 60cm long, which will add much vibrancy to an outdoor or indoor living space.

It is a great option if you are looking for a plant that will grow between three to six feet tall, and you will need to house elephant ears in a large container if placing them in your home. If you choose to add the plant to your garden, you must ensure it has plenty of room to grow. 


Few plants can compare to the verbena for brightness and beauty. It would be hard for guests to take their eyes off the vivid raspberry pink, purple, white, or mauve flowers that will bring an instant smile to their faces. It is one of the most flexible plants you can add to your home or garden, as you can place it in a hanging basket, a window box, an attractive plant pot, or a garden border, to name a few superb options.

Brooks Manley

Brooks Manley

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