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A deck is undoubtedly an essential outdoor space mainly because it can support different functions, including cooking, container gardening, lounging, or just relaxing outside as you enjoy the view. It’s crucial that a deck maintains its best look. However, most homes have weathered decks that were probably installed years ago. Maybe you bought your home with the deck already installed, which often makes the space incompatible with modern furniture, or you’ve spent good days on the deck and are considering modernizing it.

However, you need not start from scratch when modernizing your old deck. Start by undertaking the long-overdue maintenance or add a few new structural features. You can also hire the services of industry experts such as Northwest Construction Control, to assess your deck design and oversee your project’s progress to ensure everything is up to standards and within the set budget.  

1. Refinish and Lighten

The decks of past decades were painted or stained in dark colors. Unfortunately, these dark decks incorporated with thick finishes are more susceptible to wear and tear over time, especially due to chipping and sun staining. If that’s the case, you can modernize your deck by stripping off the old wood and replacing it with a new, lighter alternative.

Start by washing off the old finish and then reseal the wood with a brighter tone natural wash. If the deck’s wood is quite dark, try using a brightener to adjust its color. Once you’ve sprayed the brightener, rinse off the wood and add a stain.

2. Add a Railing System

For an overall upgrade of your deck, consider changing your railing if it looks shabby. Adding a cable railing can give you a more contemporary style, or you may also consider a different material. Decks lacking a railing system can be drastically improved by adding one. Railings will help you define the deck space, making it appear multi-purpose and much larger. However, if you already have an existing railing system, now may be the right time to upgrade. Broken or sagging rails will ruin the general outlook of your yard and potentially raise a safety concern.

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3. Install A Shading Structure

Gazebos and pergolas will often define your deck space. Additionally, they can offer shade that will make your outdoor space even more comfortable on the hotter days. You can get a gazebo or pergola that perfectly matches your deck, thus resulting in a modern, unified look. Moreover, there are many accessories that you can incorporate into your pergola, including fairy lights, curtains, spotlights or focal lights, planter boxes, and climbing plants.

Upgrade Your Deck

You can easily add function and modernize your deck with any of the upgrades mentioned above. If possible, consider implementing all the upgrades suggested for a complete, modern outdoor living space. However, if your deck hasn’t been maintained for a while, especially if the core structure is too damaged, you may need to start afresh. While this may be a costly upgrade path, it will allow you to match your current lifestyle. Just don’t let your old deck collapse around you. Instead, give it a closer inspection and commence the upgrade to best serve your household.

Brooks Manley

Brooks Manley

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