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Last Updated on November 9, 2023

Spending more time outside is proven to have significant health benefits for both mental and physical aspects of wellness. But what if you don’t have an appealing outdoor space to spend time in? Maybe it is boring or unclean, making it an uncomfortable atmosphere for relaxing or entertaining guests.

Building a patio for your Peru, Indiana home can be the perfect solution for incorporating the outdoor space and your interiors. This type of structure serves as an extension of the living spaces within the house and blends them with the outside. It is a place where you can enjoy an outdoor meal on a nice evening, sit and relax on the weekend, or invite friends and family to spend quality time together.

A patio has many design and structural elements where you can showcase your personal style. The key to building a perfect patio designed for outdoor living is nailing the various aspects, from the base material to the final touch of decor. Here are the steps you need to consider as you are building your patio.

Prepare the Ground

In some cases, Peru homeowners may not have an ideal landscape to build a patio. Perhaps the elevation around the building is uneven or there is poor drainage nearby. Unfortunately, this could prevent you from building a patio that is connected to the home, though you may be able to find a flat area out in the yard that can still work. Outline the intended square footage for your patio so that you can visualize how much room and building materials you will need. 

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Choose a Floor Material

The base of your patio is a crucial element and you will need to put some thought into what material should be used. There are many options, and they really come down to design preferences and how sturdy you want the patio to be. For example, you could have concrete pumped for the base to create a very steady base. Maybe you just want a simple gravel patio. You can also create more of a deck space with wooden planks. Make sure that you understand how each material could benefit the atmosphere you are trying to create. 

Pick a Theme

With the floor material chosen and ready to go, you will want to have a theme or color scheme in mind that can guide your furnishing and decor selections. You could have the patio integrated with a surrounding garden, making the area into an oasis. Maybe you love a nautical theme and want to build a beach atmosphere. If you prefer a more modern approach, dark color schemes, straight lines, and sharp edges can achieve the aesthetic you are shooting for. While you can get really creative with your patio theme, make sure that it doesn’t clash too much with the rest of your home’s exterior or yard. Otherwise, this could devalue curb appeal.

Furnish the Patio

Now it is all about making your new outdoor living space comfortable. How you furnish the area will go a long way toward accomplishing this goal. You can start with an outdoor area rug that matches the theme or colors that you have chosen. Next, consider what type of furniture will suit the intended functionality of the patio. Is it designed for eating meals together or relaxing and conversing? Should you go with a dining table and simple chairs or invest in an outdoor couch and recliners. Then, add elements to increase the comfort level. Throw some extra pillows that follow the color scheme on the chairs or couch. Add a fun outdoor runner to the dining table or coffee table that is weather-proof. 

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Enclosing the Space

Perhaps you want to add a little privacy to the patio or separate it from the rest of the yard. A wooden pergola can put a makeshift roof over your head without completely blocking out the sky. A low stone wall or painted short fence can create an aesthetically appealing border around the patio. Some climbing plants along a trellis wall will also add privacy and bring some greenery to the space. Any additional decorations for your patio such as garden structures, planters, or hanging elements will make the space even more welcoming and warm for you, your family, and any guests who will be enjoying the outdoor living structure.

Connect with the Outdoors on Your Patio

If your goal is to be out in the fresh air and sunshine more often, then a patio can be the exact renovation needed to entice you. This space can encourage connection with your family members, provide a private retreat from the rest of the world, and wow your guests when hosting. Building the perfect patio requires many steps and a detailed plan, so follow these tips to design an oasis that connects the inside of your home to the outdoors. 

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Brooks Manley

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