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Last Updated on April 3, 2023

After attending pool parties at the homes of your friends and family, you might be eager to become a host yourself. This can involve having experts install a new swimming pool in your yard, and you become familiar with what it takes to look after a pool and protect your investment. 

Familiarizing yourself with pool maintenance and general pool ownership rules can be overwhelming, but you must have a firm grasp the following facts. 

You Need to Keep It Clean

Unless you have the time, money, and resources for constant emptying and refilling, keeping your pool clean can be crucial. Choose a range of HyClor pool testing products like pool water test strips to learn what your water needs. You can then arm yourself with the appropriate products to keep it balanced.   

When using any swimming pool testing equipment, you’re checking the chlorine, pH, and alkalinity levels to ensure they’re appropriate for hygienic swimming. If they’re not, you can purchase pool chemicals like algaecides, balancer chemicals, chlorine sanitizers, and clarifiers to achieve the desired results. It’s a good idea to be testing your swimming pool water weekly during spring and summer and fortnightly during the off-season in fall and winter. 

You Need to Follow Federal, State, and Municipal Pool Laws

Many new pool owners can be so focused on its design that they forget to ensure it abides by pool laws. Pool laws can be confusing, especially since minimum requirements can differ for all states, counties, towns, and cities. As a general rule, follow the most restrictive law at a state, federal, or municipal level to be sure your new pool area will be legal

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Some of the more general rules and regulations include having a fully enclosed pool area with self-latching and self-closing gates, inground pool barriers, and alarms and safety systems to alert homeowners to unauthorized entry. 

Having Pool Rules Is Important

Owning a swimming pool can be quite exciting, and your friends and family are likely eager to visit to try it out. As uncomfortable as it might be to enforce pool rules, it can be important for everyone’s safety. 

Consider requesting that friends and family don’t use your pool when you’re not home and that all children must be supervised by adults. You might also ask that everyone enters and exits the pool using the ladder and walks, rather than runs, around the pool’s outer edges. Drowning is a genuine problem, and the more rules you put in place, the safer you and your guests might be. 

Your Friends and Family Will Love You

There are a number of public pools in the United States for everyone to enjoy, but not everyone has a private pool in which to feel comfortable and relaxed. If you install one in your yard, be prepared for your family and friends to spend a lot more time at your house. 

For people who love entertaining, this can be an exciting prospect. You might decide to create a dedicated pool area with loungers, outdoor dining furniture, and a barbeque area and invite people to your home as much as possible. 

Installing a new pool can provide many benefits, such as possible increased home value, more fun, and more family time. However, you now have responsibilities as an official pool owner. Research what pool ownership will look like, and you might be more than prepared for what comes next.

Brooks Manley

Brooks Manley

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