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Last Updated on February 19, 2024

Your kitchen is as unique as you are, and the decor you choose helps tell your story. Creating playful focal points is as easy as choosing crisp turquoise accents. The perfect turquoise kitchen decor can transform your kitchen into a sanctuary.

Turquoise is associated with healing, tranquility, creativity, and balance — all exceptional elements to harness in the kitchen. Best of all, turquoise is a versatile color. Pair it with blacks and whites for an elegantly mature effect. For Bohemian vibes, turquoise can be added to yellows, oranges, pinks, and lime greens. Crisp and cheerful, turquoise accents can tie your space together without being overwhelming.

Rejuvenate your kitchen with turquoise decor to calm your stress and acquire the bold energy you need to face the day. You need more than great tile and cabinets – you need a little something extra, too. You will find the crème de la crème of turquoise kitchen decor below. Which best tells your story?

The Best Turquoise Kitchen Decor Accessories

Floral Turquoise Trivets

Decorative as well as useful, these turquoise trivets add an exciting energy to any kitchen space. The floral designs are easy on the eyes and the silicone is soft to the touch. Lightweight and durable, they are an outstanding choice for homes with rambunctious pets or small children.

Besides being used as trivets, these turquoise treasures can be used as coasters, wall art, and can even help open stubborn jars. Use while cooking to keep bowls from sliding on slick countertops or under a vase to emphasize a centerpiece. However you decide to use them, they will energize your space!

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Vintage Inspirational Kitchen Wall Art

Humor fits in any kitchen, and these four posters combine silly sayings with striking illustration. A color palette of elegant black, weathered white, and joyful turquoise will blend in just about any kitchen theme. Because they are unframed, you get to choose a frame that best fits your space. A simple black frame would help them blend in a minimalist kitchen while a rustic wood frame would fit in a farmhouse space. Spice up your space with the perfect blend of nostalgia, humor, and chic illustration. Be careful — if you hang these in your kitchen, one of these catchy songs may just get stuck in your head.

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Stacking Turquoise Cups & Saucers

Upgrade your coffee bar with delightful turquoise cups and saucers. Each mug is made from high-quality porcelain and can hold an 8-ounce serving. Ideal for compact kitchens, the metal stand keeps mugs and saucers together and looking snazzy.

These turquoise coffee mugs will blend in almost any kitchen decor where turquoise is welcome. Geometric simplicity and a practical wire frame make them a fantastic match with minimalist or Japanese-style decor. A classic mug silhouette pairs perfectly with mid-century modern or vintage decor. Let a cheerful pop of turquoise help make your mornings manageable.

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Turquoise Dry Storage Towers
$24.98 ($6.24 / Count)

A fantastic choice for crowded countertops; these dry storage towers are the perfect balance of turquoise and glass. Because the slim window shows the jar’s contents, you always know how much you have left. These dry storage solutions feature an airtight seal to keep your goodies fresh. From cinnamon sticks to coffee beans, you can keep anything shelf-stable in these stylish towers.

The sleek design would look at home in minimalist or modern kitchens, while the simplicity would fit in a modern farmhouse space as well. With four sizes to play with, you can mix and match contents until you find the perfect combination.

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Steel Turquoise Sphere Decoration

Complement your existing decor with this versatile decorative turquoise ball. Pair it with browns, burlaps, and neutrals for a new twist on rustic. If modern decor is more your style, you can style it with metals, blacks, whites, and grays. To achieve a playfully Bohemian appearance, you can soften the metal with brightly-colored pom-poms.

Even if you share your kitchen with wild pets or boisterous children, this sphere’s solid steel construction can give you peace of mind. A distressed finish gives it some visual interest and hints at a mysterious history. However this sphere is incorporated into your decor, it will draw compliments.

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Swirling Marble Turquoise Placemat
$14.99 ($3.75 / Count)

Artistic and glamorous, these placemats will elevate your cooking and dining space. This set includes four placemats made from a durable mix of cotton and polyester that is soft, durable, and even anti-spill. Because they showcase a range of blues, you do not have to worry about making sure the shades coordinate with your other kitchen decor.

While they are picture-worthy for many decor themes, these would look amazing in modern, glam, and beach-themed kitchens. They can even be used to protect your table or countertop from hot laptop fans. 

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Petite Turquoise Vases
$72.11 ($24.04 / Count)

Add elegance to your kitchen with this set of three handcrafted turquoise vases. Because of their small size, they happily fit in small kitchens, or can help fill out a larger centerpiece. These vases are interesting enough to be displayed empty, but are simple enough to emphasize what fills them.

For a romantic look, fill these vases with a few flowers. If the Japanese or Japandi aesthetics are more your speed, you can use a single bare branch. Try filling partially with sand and small shells for a beach-themed kitchen. The possibilities here are endless!

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Turquoise Flower Truck Kitchen Towels & Potholders Set

Gingham and an old-style truck filled with flowers make these terrycloth towels and potholders the perfect addition to any country kitchen. This set of five includes two terrycloth towels, two potholders, and a darling key-shaped bottle opener. While the towels almost seem too pretty to use, they are made from sturdy terry cloth and are pretty sturdy.

Whether these towels are for display only or for use, they make a fantastic gift or a great addition to any kitchen where turquoise is welcomed. The classic pickup truck and illustrative style make them works of art in their own right, while the gingham ties it all together.

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Turquoise Paper Towel Holder

Even empty, this boldly turquoise paper towel holder is elegant thanks to the sophisticated lattice pattern. Because it is made from cast iron, it has some staying power. It weighs a solid 1.65 pounds, so you know it will stay put while you are tearing paper towels.

This paper towel holder showcases a few convenient features that make it a must-have for chefs who love turquoise. Three rubber feet mean that the cast iron will not damage your table or countertop. A tear bar makes it possible to tear a paper towel with only one hand.

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Rustic Turquoise Coffee Cup Wall Decor

What could be more comforting than a steaming hot beverage? Bursting with character, this metal plaque is a great way to elevate your space. An elegant floral spray and heart silhouette impart a warm je ne sais quoi. As well as giving it visual interest, the faux rust shows that this steaming beverage has a story.

To set the mood for fresh beginnings, hang it next to your coffee bar. If you are extra crafty or have a small space, you could attach magnets and hang it from your fridge. While this plaque is a perfect match for rustic interiors, it would also look fantastic in industrial or modern farmhouse spaces.

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Personalized Turquoise Kitchen Sign

This personalized metal sign can make any kitchen feel like home. Because you decide what the two lines of text need to say, you can create truly customized turquoise kitchen decor. Let your imagination run wild — you have 40 characters that can say whatever is right for your space.

The sign itself is made from lightweight aluminum with a faux-weathered appearance. Four foam squares on the back make it easy to hang without even needing a hammer. The distressed appearance cultivates a rustic ambiance while the metal sign creates some fun textural variety. Slightly larger than a standard piece of paper, this metal sign can add the perfect pop of turquoise even in small kitchens.

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