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Last Updated on July 31, 2023

The kitchen is the room where we spend most of our time other than the living room. It is the hub of the home, where we make some beautiful memories. Historically, kitchens were large from a long tradition of families living together in close communities.

As cultures have evolved, advances in transport have encouraged separate living, as a result, smaller apartments with small kitchens especially in these apartments for rent in Garland have become quite popular. When you have a small kitchen, managing it requires a little more attention. Matching flooring with composite decking colors is a way to give the illusion of space. Storage spaces play their part in helping us get along with the limited spaces.

Here are five creative and easy tips to keep your small kitchen organized and feeling big – even without a pantry:

Choose the Right Kitchen Colors

We all know for a fact that if we want to make small places look larger, choosing light color paint and accessories should be the first step. If you are planning to renovate, your kitchen goes for the white color. It won’t just give a neat look to your space but will also make it appear to be spacious.

If you aren’t changing the cabinets, choose a light color paint in contrast to them. For example, if your cabinets are dark brown or grey, white paint would be a great choice. Likewise, if the cabinets are of color other than these, make sure to see what will go well with them.

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Painting the kitchen white doesn’t have to mean a plain feel. Invest in some turquoise colored accessories to make the space pop a little.

Get Things Organized

Getting organized means setting up the cupboards and making sure everything fits in. When we say get super organized, it means to make sure that your cabinets are organized well!

A London aparthotel is quite convenient, cost effective, but not very spacious. However, there are a wide range of storage boxes, cabinet dividers, mini shelves available in the markets that can help make cupboards even more spacious by ensuring that everything is fitted well inside. For example, do not just reserve a whole drawer for spoons. Rather, get a spoon organizer and use the other drawer to accommodate other things. Use the limited space cleverly!

Get a Rolling Cart

Rolling carts are a great accessory to add more storage space to your small kitchen while not making it messy. Buy a slim cart with as many shelves as you want. You will find them super easy to use and to be placed.

They will be a great addition to your storage space, and a lot of your spice jars, machinery, or utensils can be placed on them. Since the cart is easily movable, cleaning won’t be a problem at all.

Maximize the Kitchen Floor Space

We all love using our kitchens as dining areas. However, small and limited kitchen space can make it difficult for us to dine in there as we fear that the entire floor space will be occupied thus, making the entire kitchen look congested. You can maximize the floor space by choosing a nook table.

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With the least floor space occupied, you can enjoy eating your meals within your kitchen; what else could be better than that?

Use Your Wall Space

Wall spaces can be used to keep your utensils and other stuff organized. This is the best way to arrange your stuff and keep your slabs empty. You can either install a floating shelf, put up a self-adhesive stand, or browse for other latest options to utilize your wall space efficiently.

No Pantry Necessary

Using these simple yet practical hacks will surely help you make your small kitchen organized, clutter-free and spacious. Make sure also to add small décor items like small pots to add your taste to them. Luckily it’s pretty easy to get additional storage spaces for small apartments and kitchens these days.

Your work is half done already if you know what you need!

Brooks Manley

Brooks Manley

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