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Last Updated on July 17, 2023

Considering we spend most of our free time in the living room, it’s no surprise if you end up getting bored of it. If your space seems dull or you simply want something different to look at, we present you with 10 easy ways to refresh your living room.

Add Some Art Decor

Adding art to your walls is an easy and beautiful way to fill the empty space on your walls. Aside from enhancing the visual appeal, choosing inspirational art can make you feel better. You will have fun choosing the best pieces that fit your color scheme and your style. 

Create a Photo Gallery

A photo gallery is another great addition to your walls. A photo gallery is a personal and sentimental way to display your favorite memories while also giving your space a unique note. You can enhance the visual appeal by opting for different frame sizes and materials for the best results.

Here, you can also include your accomplishments, certificates, and acknowledgments from educational institutions or personal achievements. For instance, consider obtaining a customized appreciation certificate from a diploma maker to recognize your hard work and commitment to reaching your objectives. This fosters a positive atmosphere and boosts self-esteem.

Rearrange the Furniture 

If you’re staying on budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money on decorations or adding more things to your space, try a new set-up for your room. Focus on utilizing the pieces of furniture you already have for optimal usage of space and also use them for a fresh visual change.

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Add Plants

Something as simple as adding plants to your room can give it new life and texture. If your space allows it, you can hang plants like ferns or ivy to create a vertical garden. Houseplants are a great way to brighten up your room and maybe take up the hobby of taking care of them. 

Paint or Add an Accent Wall

Painting a wall can refresh your room in several ways. Not only does a color change make a great difference in the visual department, but it can also enhance your mood. Opting for colors like blue or green for an accent wall can have a calming effect on your mood. This is an easy project that you can get done in one weekend. Some services, like this company for interior painting in Calgary, offer services like hiring a painter for the day, which can help you with all the smaller painting tasks that you’ve been postponing. 

If your room is feeling dull or dark, go for a lighter color, and it will instantly feel more open and inviting. This is a project that can allow you to express your creativity to the fullest, making your own vibrant color scheme or setting for more neutral tones—the choice is all yours! 

Change the Curtains

Changing out your curtains isn’t something you do often, but they do have a significant impact on the room. After some time, curtains can fade or simply don’t fit with the style of the room anymore. For example, heavy curtains may create a more cozy atmosphere, while lighter ones bring in more natural light and create a relaxing atmosphere.

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Get a New Rug

A new rug is an inexpensive way to make a big change. From a functional standpoint, rugs can protect your floors while also impacting how your room is perceived. For example, putting a large carpet in a smaller room can make it feel bigger. On the other hand, smaller rugs can draw attention to different areas of the room and create a transition point. 

Add Accessories

Adding more things to your space might just be what you’re missing to make your living room feel complete and fresh again.

Simply getting a new tray, putting a stack of books, or lighting a candle on your coffee table can dictate the atmosphere in the room. You can get interesting items, like figures or a vase, to add your personal touch to the decor. 

Switch Out the Throw Pillows

Changing the color of your throw pillows can add texture and style to your couch and even make it feel like it’s brand new. Add in a throw blanket with those, and you’ll have an inviting and cozy couch that begs you to relax and sit on it.  

Change the Lighting 

The way your room is lit has the most significant impact on the mood of a room. If your room feels muted, find out how to properly light your living room. Yellow lights create a cozy atmosphere, while white lights make the room feel more modern. Floor lamps or table lamps can be good decorative items, and overhead lights can create a change in the atmosphere.

Brooks Manley

Brooks Manley

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