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Last Updated on July 21, 2022

If you have opted to live in a tiny house, it calls for an overall change in your lifestyle. You must keep the space you have in mind before deciding on your home’s interior. 

Every minor decision must be taken to maximize the space and enhance the house’s practicality. 

While choosing the fan for your tiny house, you must pay attention to many facts. You can not simply select the regular fan for an average-sized home; your primary focus must be to utilize the limited square footage on the ceiling to your benefit. 

There are different types of fans that you can choose from, from design to the size; many variations can often confuse one. 

So, here are some factors that you must consider to choose the best small ceiling fans for tiny homes.

Size of the Ceiling

Living in a tiny house must be your primary consideration, and it is an essential factor that must determine your decisions. 

It is best to go for smaller fans for small spaces as larger ones may not fit well in the tight spaces or areas with angled walls and may make the space look smaller. 

When shopping for fans, consider the size of the blades and even the number of blades in the fan. It is better to go with only three blades as they can make the space look bigger. 

Small Fan Installation 

There are different ways to install a fan, and some fans require special tools or a different method altogether for installation. So, while buying a fan for your tiny house, you must pay attention to how the fan will be installed. 

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If you have the know-how and have done handy work before then, it might be easy for you to install the fan yourself.

You might also want to consider room lighting. If you don’t have much natural light, you’ll probably want a fan with a good light source. 

Downrod Height

It would be best if you chose the fan according to the height of your ceiling. The fans have a downrod that connects their central part to the ceiling, and this rod can often be customized. Ensure that you take proper measurements of the ceiling’s height and customize the down-rod accordingly. 

By choosing a fan with a shorter downrod, you can visually increase the ceiling’s height. 

Fan Noise Level

Fans can be a bit noisy if they are poorly designed and do not have high-quality components. If a fan is noisy, it can be difficult for you to talk over the phone or even watch television in that space. So, ensure that you enquire and read up on the noise levels of the fan. 

Choose a fan that strikes a perfect balance between higher energy outputs and lower noise levels. 

Fan Design and Styling

The best small ceiling fans for tiny homes must also comply with the overall space’s design. If your space is designed in a mid-century style, then a modern-looking fan will look out of place. So, consider buying a fan that complements the overall aesthetic of your home. 

Tiny homes can be designed quite well if you pay attention to the basics and carefully hand-pick each item per the space’s size constraints. If you just don’t have space for a fan, there are other ways to cool your home.

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Brooks Manley

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