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Last Updated on March 1, 2024

Living rooms come in all shapes and sizes. Quirky features in a living room are wild cards. While they may appear to be an eyesore at first, give them some extra attention and the result is a beautifully, unique living room. While a room with 90 degree corners is easier to decorate, a well-designed living room with an angled wall can shine with its individuality.

How to Decorate a Slanted Living Room Wall

  1. Decide the purpose of the wall. 
  2. Decide how to make it a focal point.
  3. Choose the right furniture.
  4. Arrange your furniture around the wall.
  5. Hang artwork on the angled wall.
  6. Try to get creative with shelving.

Let’s break down those steps.

Decide the Purpose of the Slanted Wall

Unless you are building a new home, the living room layout is typically determined by the current electrical layout of the space. Where will the TV go?

That gives us three purposes for the angled living room wall:

  • Entertainment System Wall
  • Sofa Wall
  • Secondary Furniture or Accent Wall

If the wall is used for entertainment systems, place the furniture flush against the wall. For a sofa wall, pull the sofa and other furniture off the wall if there is enough space. Place a long, narrow console table with lamps behind the couch for a high end feel.

If you’re going for an accent wall, check out some of these decorations:

If the living room feels crowded, the sofa can be pushed against the wall. Walls with minimal to no furniture need to feel “grounded.” Add large baskets or a fake tree if it’s an accent wall.

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Make the Angled Wall a Pretty Focal Point

The angled living room wall will automatically be a focal point. It will be the first wall you and your guests notice every time you walk in your living room.

angled wall as focal point of living room

When you have a feature like an angled wall in your apartment interior design Dubai, it’s important to spend a little extra time and money on it. Since you already know the purpose of the wall, create a mood board. I like to use Pinterest for this step. Choose a color palette and make sure to use those same colors throughout the rest of the living room.

While we want the wall to be a pretty focal point, we also want it to be cohesive with the rest of the room.

Hang your favorite art on this wall. I recommend using 2-6 pieces of art on this wall, either in a set or a gallery.

Not sure what kind of art to hang? Consider some national park decor!

Select and Arrange Your Furniture

angled wall decoration

Furniture tells its own story within a room. While it follows the perimeters of space, it should not be the perimeter of a space. If there is space, allow breathing room on either end of the furniture on the angled wall.

For example, the side tables beside your sofa should not come to the very edge of the wall. This is true of all walls, but it is especially important on a slanted wall. Most furniture that extends to the end of an angled wall will have a point that sticks out awkwardly, causing unwanted knee injuries.

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As the owner of an angled wall, you are probably already aware of this. For this reason, if the furniture comes close to the end of the wall, it should have round edges.

Here are a few of my favorite round side tables:

Arrange the Rest of the Living Room Around Your Angled Wall

Once you have plans and selections made for the slanted wall, consider how the rest of the furniture and decorations will interact with the angled wall. If the angled wall is equal to or larger than the other walls in the living room, select a rug and run the longest side parallel to the angled wall.

Go back to the previous tip about furniture- it should not create the perimeter of the living room. Pull furniture away from other walls if it feels like your furniture is drawing a line within a line along the perimeter of the living room. Consider a round coffee table if furniture is asymmetrical.

The coffee table should extend to at least 18 inches from the end of either side of the sofa. It can extend past 18 inches, but anything smaller will look out of place.

An angled wall in the living room can be a challenge. However, the best thing you can do to decorate any part of your house costs you nothing! Move your current furniture and decorations around. If you’re on a tight budget, go back through these steps with furniture and art you have in your house right now.

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Then, if there’s room in the budget, make a shopping list. Put everything in its new place. If it feels off, try moving one or two items. Go through that process a few times until it feels just right. Boss that slanted wall around and create a beautiful focal point!



Laura is a professional interior designer residing in Columbia, SC with her husband and three kiddos. Learn more about her and her work at Lark Design.

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