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Last Updated on April 16, 2024

Wall clocks do more than just tell the time.

They’re a perfect way to add decoration, style, and tone to your living room. They also add personality and often act as a focal point. Wall clocks can even be the primary feature of your living room. But most people aren’t sure exactly where to place it.

Where should you hang a wall clock in your living room?

  1. Hang it around 54-60 inches from the ground.
  2. Consider placing it above a couch or focal chair.
  3. If that doesn’t work, place it above a console table or shelf.
  4. If neither of those are options, put it above a mantel.

We’ll review the different types of wall clocks, placement considerations, and walk you through how to hang yours with ease.

Where to Place Your Living Room Wall Clock

How High Should You Hang Your Wall Clock?

Many interior designers recommend around 54-60 inches from the ground.

This is just a touch lower than most people’s average eye-level. That said, there isn’t a universally agreed-upon perfect height to place your wall clock. It depends on various factors like the type, size, shape, and the rest of your room.

You should also consider if your wall clock has any hanging parts, and if so, you’ll want to place it a little higher than that recommended height.

You should also ensure that your clock is above the tallest obstruction in your living room. That way, it is visible from all angles. Placing your clock at the right height helps you balance your living room and keeps the clock from overshadowing other décor pieces.

Common Placements For Your Wall Clock

If you are undecided on where to put a wall clock in living room, there are common places you can choose from, depending on your room arrangement. Some of them include:

Above a Couch
This is one of the most common places that people place their wall clocks. The couch or sectional sofa provides a nice symmetry, and it’s easy to see the clock from any position and direction of the room.

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However, this is not advised if you have an oversized or heavy clock. It restricts you from leaning back on the wall, and in the rare event the clock falls, you’d rather it fall where people typically aren’t.

Above a Console Table or Shelf
If you want to increase your wall clock‘s practicality and visual appeal, you can place it above a bookshelf or a console table. This is best if you have oversized or decorative wall clocks.

To help balance the wall clock, you can arrange a few decorative pieces like plants around the clock, but ensure they don’t block the clock.

Opposite a Doorway or Window
Placing your clock opposite your windows or door is better than hanging it over the door or next to the window. The light will naturally highlight the clock.

Above the Mantel
Having a mantle in the living room is already a visual focal point. You can accentuate it by adding a wall clock to it. However, you have to consider how the clock will fit and look along with the style of the fireplace.

You also have to ensure that it does not compete for visual appeal with the decorations you already have on the mantel.

Types Of Wall Clocks

You’ve probably already picked out your wall clock, but in case you haven’t – here are some great options.

There are different types of wall clocks you can choose from, and each of them add a different touch to your living room. They also come in different sizes and shapes, and you have to choose the one that best matches the style of your room, furniture, and other accent pieces.

Minimalistic Wall Clocks

Modern Wall Clocks

Modern Silent Wall Clock

Modern wall clocks have slightly more style and detail on them compared to minimal clocks. To switch things up and create more of a statement piece, look for cut out wall clocks that add a touch of creativity.

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Vintage Wall Clock

HYLANDA Vintage/Retro Wall Clock

If you want to complete your vintage theme with your wall clock, you can go for one in vintage colors, shades of light green or subtle neutrals.

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Wooden Wall Clocks

Stonebriar Old Fashioned Wood Hanging Wall Clock

If you’re looking for a finishing touch on your farmhouse living room, you can bring it together with a wooden wall clock. Some feature wooden hands and bases, while others just use wooden bases.

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Digital Wall Clocks

How To Hang A Wall Clock

Once you’ve determined the type, size, style and placement of your wall clock, the next important thing is knowing how to place it.

Some of the material you will need include:

A lot of the wall clocks come with some of the tools you will need to install, but if some are missing, you can buy them at the nearest hardware store. Others also come with instructions, but here are some general, basic steps to keep in mind:

  1. Using a stud finder, locate the stud in your wall to help with the support of the clock. If you are not using the stud for support, use anchor screws or nails, especially for big and heavy clocks. Clocks below 20 lbs. do not need anchors.
  2. Hold your wall clock in the position you want it, and have a partner make a marking on its topmost point.
  3. Make markings also at the points where you want to have your anchor screws or nails. To get the exact spot, measure the distance between the top of your clock to the hanger on its back.
  4. Measure the same distance from the previous marking on your wall, and mark that as the location of the screws.
  5. Using your power drill or screwdriver, screw your anchors into the wall until they are flush. If you are not using anchors, ensure that 1/3 of your screw is visible. Use a spirit level to ensure that the nails, screws, or anchors are level with the wall for balance.
  6. Finally, hang up your wall clock on the anchors or screws.

And there you have it. A perfectly placed and hung living room wall clock.

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