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Remodeling your home can be a daunting prospect. You might be excited about enjoying a brand-new kitchen, bathroom, or living space, but you have to think about design elements that will work now and in the future. Not all trends stand the test of time, and that can be nerve-wracking when you’re spending a great deal of money on your renovation project. 

While there’s no denying that some current trends will fall out of fashion as quickly as they find the spotlight, others will undoubtedly stick around a while longer. You might future-proof your home with some of these innovative design trends:    

Transitioning Flooring

Choosing the best kitchen floors for your home renovation project can be challenging. You might have your heart set on tiles for hygiene and easy-clean purposes, but it doesn’t seem possible when the rest of your flooring is hardwood. Fortunately, how tradespeople transition tiles to hardwood is a trend that will likely stand the test of time. 

Integrating the pattern of the tiles into wood is one of the most popular options. For example, if your tiles are hexagon, you can create hexagon shapes out of the wood to mark the transition into the new flooring type. Some homeowners also choose a contrasting tile color and pattern bordered by the hardwood to make the tiles seem more like a rug than a new flooring type. 

Neutral Colors

While many colors will undoubtedly go into the ‘dated’ or ‘off-trend’ pile within a few years, neutral colors likely won’t. They have been a staple in new and classic homes for many years and continue to be a preferred option. 

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Neutrals like white, beige, gray, and variations of these hues allow homeowners to evolve with the trends through décor and furniture. Rather than painting walls as the trends change, homeowners can simply change their decorations to suit. 

Subway Tiles

Wall tiles are a popular element in many kitchens for how easy care they are. Wiping cooking splatter off tiles can be much easier than textured wallpaper or paint. While not all tiles will remain on-trend forever, subway tiles seem to be holding their own in kitchen designs. The simple, classic design makes them work in harmony with any cabinetry, flooring, and other wall materials in a kitchen. While you might decide to upgrade surrounding elements in the future, you’ll likely choose to keep the subway tiles in place. 

House Plants

We all know how beneficial plants can be for our health. At a minimum, studies have shown that indoor plants may reduce psychological and physiological stress. It’s benefits like these that might contribute to plants being a design trend that will continue for years to come. 

Walk into most homes, and at least one or two large house plants take pride of place in a living space or kitchen. You might also find smaller ones dotted throughout the home. They add freshness, vibrancy, and earthiness that décor and fixtures can’t replicate. 

As tempting as it can be to adopt trends to make your home look modern and sophisticated, there are no guarantees that they’ll stand the test of time. However, some trends do stand a better chance. Stick with neutral colors and transitioning flooring, and it might be easier than you think to future-proof your home. 

Brooks Manley

Brooks Manley

Brooks is a marketer by trade, but has developed quite the passion for home design since becoming a homeowner in New Orleans. He'll be writing about he and his wife's favorite home decor products as well as simple tips and tricks for creating a home you love.

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